Sustainable Choices

Here are a few things we can all do to contribute to a sustainable world:

  • Buy and install solar panels at your home or your business
  • Buy an electric vehicle and scrap your old ICE car if possible
  • Avoid products like soap and cosmetics made with palm oil 
  • Avoid all chinese products until they quit killing millions of sharks every year for shark fin soup
  • Avoid all brazilian, indonesian,malaysian products until they quit mowing down the rainforests
  • Avoid flying anywhere if its possible to do it reasonably on the ground

Many people will give great big lists of things to do. We don't believe in that. We believe in being focused. If everyone did just the six things above the world would change more rapidly toward a sustainable situation.

We don't believe in "doing with less". Who does, really? We believe fixing a few big problems will get us going in the right direction pretty quickly. All of the above steps help to fix big problems.

Sustainability in our world is really an "Avoidance" strategy because pretty much everything we do is not sustainable.