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Certificate authorities produce text files and sell them as SSL certificates for $50 to $80 per year. Because of the degree of automation, their cost to do this is less than a dime. ($0.10). We offer low cost SSL certificates starting at $20 for a ten year term ($2 per year). Over 10 years you save about $500. If you have ten certificates, you save $5000. These are equal in every respect to expensive SSL certificates you may see offered on the web. 


SSL Certificate files are just text files. They can be easily produced with openssl but unless you have quite a few certificates to produce on a regular basis, doing it yourself will not be cost effective.

We've lowered the cost and extended the term of SSL certificates. Existing suppliers are simply ripping off consumers and business compared to using our far lower cost offering. The best route is to preserve your capital while you maintain solid communication security with SSL encryption

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