Spend Carefully

Spending carefully is mostly about taking your time and avoiding impulse buys. 


Especially when the amounts are more than you would keep in your wallet. Otherwise you could get left out in the cold. One tool is to use our purchasing system features to help make wise buy decisions, which are:

Public System

Shopping entries are created by people worldwide, and create a "snapshot" of a great price for what you may purchase, like milk, for example.

Price Check lets you quickly find prices for things you are about to purchase.

History shows prices over time by store and date which helps you determine where and when the best time to buy is.

Great use cases

Case 1

You have a list of things to buy at the store. You go online and find great prices for these things on our system. You make notes of the prices on your list so when you go to the store you are prepared to find the best price.

Case 2

You haven't bought some item in a long time. You can't remember how much you paid last time. You run a price check, go to the store, and find the price is much higher or much lower. If its lower, you may buy a few more. If its higher, you may ask yourself if you really need it. 

Why to register and login

Entries to the purchasing system are tagged as yours. You can then filter them so you see all entries or just your own. Registered users get to use these more powerful features, below

Member System

Advanced features and services are: