Set Priorities

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Everyone has to invest, every day. Choose how you invest your time and money wisely and your life is significantly benefitted. Publicly held stocks are among the most lucrative investments to make, but also one of the most difficult to invest in well.

The market indices seesaw around longer term horizon return levels based on a few well-known variables. No strategy can work without being aware of where the market and these variables are relative to their benchmark norms, except for buy and hold.

Changing world conditions, real and fake news, and perceptions cause dramatic price risk and volatility in practically all stocks on all exchanges worldwide.

Company values change far more slowly than their stock prices.

This leads to market inefficiencies that can be exploited. Recent market declines in the 4th quarter of 2018 caused a major decline in Boeing stock. Yet, this was grossly overdone and anyone who identified that Boeing was low in late December 2018 and purchased the shares has seen nearly 50% increase in value in 2 months. Thats a good example of a market inefficiency being created and exploitable.


Another great point is that Boeing is a well-recognized leader in its field and is well-capitalized. This is no fly-by-night IPO. Investing is also about avoiding unnecessary risks.