There's a lot of work to do here. If the title for the feature listed below has an asterisk at the end, its still under construction. FYI. 3 asterisks means there is a lot of work to do, 2 asterisks means its some work to do, 1 asterisk means its almost done and no asterisks means the feature is up and running

Expect is written in TCL language. The key commands are send, expect and interact.

The code…

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Hoover Dam

About every 10 years in computing technology another innovation takes control of the future. In the…

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Winter in Tahoe

Drupal 8 has many powerful features, thousands of modules to plugin and integration with Symfony PHP…

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James on the left - La Malinche - 4500 meters

Using wireframes developed with 40+ years of experience, new product or service ideas can be designed…

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