Resource Sustainability


Without sustainability, we will continuously face crisis. It means we live in world that can adequately support everyone on earth, not just a certain group who have been lucky enough to have the means and ways to achieve many goals that everyone strives for. The playing field in all world economies is tilted in favor of a few. This is less attractive than a model where everyone can build a good life. That’s so simple..

It means the concept and practice of having landfills is ridiculous and that the concept and practice of having garbage trucks is ridiculous. Both of these concepts and practices are dinosaurs leftover from the 20th century.

It means the concepts and practices that put intense pressure on earth’s natural resources of any kind will be replaced by technology enhanced methods and practices that ensure all the forests, oceans and other resources on the planet are maintained in a standardized way that benefits everyone as the world’s population continues to rise. Everyone can and will contribute to this new system easily and in the ordinary course of daily activity by 2020.

It means a lot of hard work to get rid of concepts, practices and beliefs that do not promote sustainability and it means a lot of exciting work to build new ways to achieve sustainability for everyone’s benefit.