SSL Certificates

Starlight Energies produces 15 year term SSL certificates at ultra low costs because an SSL certificate is nothing more than a worthless text file that anyone can produce on their own with free software.

Long term certificates

SSL certificates are typically renewed each year. Starlight issues 15 year crtificates at tremendous savings. An SSL certificate is simply a worthless text file produced with free software that provides excellent encrytion services.

The cost of an SSL certificate should reflect the energy necessary to produce it. Since OpenSSL software does this perfectly, for free, then an SSL certificate should be very low cost and have a long life too. Most competitive offerings for SSL certificates are over 150X as expensive.

An SSL certificate by Starlight Energies is not signed by a ROOT CA. This means that the first time you login using the encryption certificate from Starlight, you will see a warning message. However, your browser will then store the certificate and the message will not appear again AND your connection to your website will be fully encryted for 150X less than the cost of an overpriced SSL certificate that does not generate the warning message.

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