SSL Certificates

Certificate authorities produce text files and sell them as SSL certificates for $50 to $80 per year. Because of the degree of automation, their cost to do this is less than a dime. ($0.10). We offer low cost SSL certificates starting at $20 for a ten year term ($2 per year). Over 10 years you save about $500. If you have ten certificates, you save $5000. These are equal in every respect to expensive SSL certificates you may see offered on the web. 

The process

First you have to submit the key data that is embedded into the certificate itself. 

This includes:

  • fully qualified domain name (FQDN)
  • Country code (US, etc)
  • State, City, Orgname, Orgunit
  • Cert size (2048 bits, 4096, etc)
  • Certificate term (up to 10 years)

After we receive your order we produce the Certificates (there are 3) and send you two of them. Then you pay us $20 using some convenient method, and we send the third certificate with install instructions and a payment receipt.


We send you several certificates. They look similar to this:





As you can see, "SSL Certificates" are just simple text files.


Backup and Placement

After you have all 3 certifcates, make backup copies and then store them in a folder on your machine. 



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Install and Test

To install the certificates you have to update an SSL virtual host file that can be read by your webserver.

You can view the PDF file showing how to install for a Linux machine and Apache web server

warning message
Educate customers

Because we offer SSL certificates without using an expensive root certificate authority to sign our certificates your web visitors wiil see the message at left. Once they click through it, their browser will store the certificate and they will not see the message again. However, you probably should give them a quick message on your site that you are saving money, which helps you provide them great value and that security levels are the same as sites that overpay for their SSL certificates.


SSL Certificate files are just text files. They can be easily produced with openssl but unless you have quite a few certificates to produce on a regular basis, doing it yourself will not be cost effective.

We've lowered the cost and extended the term of SSL certificates. Existing suppliers are simply ripping off consumers and business compared to using our far lower cost offering. The best route is to preserve your capital while you maintain solid communication security with SSL encryption

In Stock
From $20

This includes:

  • fully qualified domain name (FQDN)
  • Country code (US, etc)
  • State, City, Orgname, Orgunit
  • Cert size (2048 bits, 4096, etc)
  • Certificate term (up to 10 years)

installing certificates is well-known and many reliable install notes can be found with Google. For convenience, we provide a PDF file that shows the approach for a Linux machine and Apache webserver. The fundamental steps (backup, place, edit config files and test) are quite similar for any machine/webserver combination

Since our SSL certificates DO NOT reference one of the main root Certifcate Authorities (Verisign, etc) then your user will see a popup screen asking them if they want to proceed. When they say yes, the browser stores the public part of the certificate and will not see the popup screen again.

This is what lets us offer these SSL certificates at extremely low cost. Unsophisticated users may need a brief explanation link on your site to explain things. FYI

Our SSL certificate machine is not connected to the Internet and when not in use it is turned off. So there is no chance someone could hijack a copy of your certificate files and use them inappropriately. You should take steps to secure your certificate files on your machines.


Thanks for your time and consideration!