No More Beaches


Sea rise is inevitable and accelerating right now. The ocean is warming, which expands the oceans, causing sea rise. The ice sheets of Greenland and Antartical are melting too.

Low lying areas like New Orleans, the entire state of Florida and many more places will become uninhabitable. But before this happens, remember the first to disappear are the beaches, everywhere on Earth.

That, by itself, is great cause for alarm and action. The photo above will become historical because, as you can see, this pristine beach in the South Pacific is only 2 feet above sea level. 

People are divided about global warming, but here is my take. If we do nothing, if we gamble on the idea all will be ok, there are two outcomes. One is very very bad. If we take action and rapidly become a carbon emissions free society, we have only one outcome....less warming and a far less expensive energy system on Earth.

For me the choice is clear. Taking action is a win-win event. On the other hand, not taking action makes society like a deer in the headlights.