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Wordpress creation software is known around the world for its high quality and easy of use. Starlight Energies is magnifying that value with an innovative one-time hosting fee.

Our products and services integrate smoothly worldwide. Lower your costs, increase profits with our virtual enterprise tools. 

With over 30 different customized versions to meet your particular needs, Starlight takes even more work off your back. You simply let us know your intended use and Starlight pre-packages and installs modules that fill your needs right away.

On the Internet its very important to start with technology that you learn easily and use for a long time. That helps you get the best value for your investment of time and money. You can learn more about Wordpress here, Suite CRM here and Drupal 8 here. Each of these products are supported by large teams of committed engineers who keep advancing the technology at no cost to you.

Carefully chosen products like these is like putting thousands of engineers to work for you at no cost

Starlight Energies makes them even better with our world wide support team and important overall objectives here that will make everyone's business and family activities advance far ahead. If you would like to know further how you can work with Starlight Energies, just check here and feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments or want to get started.

Our Wordpress hosting product pricing is:

One-time fee!

Service Retail USD Price
Wordpress 1-50 units $20 each
Wordpress 50-99 units $19 each
Wordpress 100-499 units $18 each
Wordpress 500-2499 units $17 each
Wordpress 2500-4999 units $16 each

Our Suite CRM, Drupal and SSL certificate hosting pricing is:

One-time fee!

Service Retail USD Price
SuiteCRM hosting $499 each
Drupal 8 hosting $5,000 each
15 yr. SSL certificate $5 each

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