Worldwide 24/7 support

Starlight's local team is never far from you. Unlike most web-based technology companies, Starlight Energies is also an industrial company designing worldwide factory implementations by 2020. We invest heavily in training our teams and representatives to respond when you need them for face to face questions, answers, problem solving and capturing opportunities.

The key to our customer's success starts with Starlight's innovative, one-time hosting fee. This removes all barriers from the decision process and creates an open-ended time frame for our customers so they can learn the software and improve their web-based systems over time without expensive monthly fees or costly software engineering costs.

We focus on Wordpress web creation software since its an excellent product

Here below is our table of Wordpress hosting packages:

Service Retail USD Price
Wordpress 1-50 units $20 each
Wordpress 50-99 units $19 each
Wordpress 100-499 units $18 each
Wordpress 500-2499 units $17 each
Wordpress 2500-4999 units $16 each