Employment Sustainability


Employment in this world is in terrible shape. People work hard for years and years then suddenly their employer just lets them go. Even worse, billions of people do not have enough employment to get along well in this world. Current employment practices worldwide are a 20th century style of business that needs improvement.

At Starlight Energies, we don’t hire or fire people, ever. We welcome you to join us in your best capacity and skill, whatever that may be and work with us as much or as little as you like. If your needs require you to leave, just remember we always welcome you back to Starlight. We are glad to train you and support your efforts to make a better life and better income for you and your family. We are committed to doing this for you and for us, forever. That is mutually beneficial for us both.

The only rule in our “Employment Sustainability” model, is that you respect Starlight Energies and its people and its systems, and we will always respect you. Sometimes that may become impossible for whatever reason. Still, those impossible conditions will probably change in the future, and then we may work together again.