Privacy Sustainability


It means we don’t have to release personal information to anyone. Unless we want to. Starlight Energies asks for only enough information so we can work together in whatever role is appropriate for us in our mutual business undertakings.

When we set you up with technology that we host on the web your information privacy is under your control. Starlight Energies knows that most of today’s personal and business information gathering is a cheap, disrespectful undertaking. Its another dinosaur technique carried over from the long gone 20th century. Do we think this means the end of advertising and marketing as we know it? Most definitely.

No one likes living in a glass house for long

Starlight Energies is certain that by delivering exceptional systems that don’t invade your privacy, we will have great success in helping us all avoid all the unpleasant and ridiculous attempts by so many, to essentially get money out of our wallets and purses. We all know what we need, we all know how to find it, and we don’t need organizations constantly pestering us with ill-advised and poorly timed attempts to sell us something we just don’t need right now.